-To challenge and encourage attendees to use the sports and entertainment platform/influence they have been given for God

-To equip attendees to be better leaders/executives, spouses, and parents

-To provide attendees a year-round support system of like-minded men and women within sport & entertainment industries

Our Story

It is a privilege to work in the sports and entertainment industry. As we all know, it is an exciting, competitive, and demanding industry. The hours and stress are more than most industries, but so are the rewards, and most importantly so is our platform and influence. Many of us are passionate about having influence for God, specifically in our industry. It is frustrating to observe the perception that many people have of Christians (e.g. perception of legalism, hypocrisy, grand political stands, weak, judgmental, weird, etc.). In speaking with many of you, it seems as if our passions are aligned in the sense that we want to break that perception and follow what the late Bob Briner said:

"It is time for believers to confidently carry their faith with them into the marketplace so that our culture feels the difference."

Bob Briner

Rather than add to the negative perception of Christians, we have chosen to put ourselves right in the middle of this industry, and with God's help are striving to be the Daniels of our era. Daniel from the Bible was three things: He was excellent at his job first...he was a man of character...and he was confident God was with him. As a result, he impacted his culture in a big way.

Our industry needs more leaders like Daniel. We have many leaders like Daniel currently (all of you), but there is no formal forum for this group to challenge and encourage each other. There are also many leaders in our industry who are interested in learning more about the Christian faith, or at least want to be challenged personally.

With that said, God laid it on our hearts to create an annual faith-based summit for sports & entertainment executives, with the goals list above. There are many summits like this for players and coaches, but this is the first of its kind specifically created for sports business executives.

Now in year 8, the summit continues to grow each year has been unbelievable, and continues to grow each year. Last summer we had over 200 people attend representing over 100 different teams, leagues and organizations.

This is not a typical conference where you just hear speakers sharing business best practices. This summit will challenge and encourage all of us in the areas of leadership, friendship, legacy, character, faith, marriage, parenting, etc. Our speakers range from top sports executives to national best selling authors to some of the best faith leaders in the world. Egos are left at the registration table, name tags don’t have job titles, genuine friendships are built, mentors are established, and everyone walks away better personally and professionally.

We hope you will join us this summer.

Thank you,
The Daniel Summit Advisory Board